So, there’s a cease fire between Israel and Hamas…now what?

In this special live episode of the show, we sat down with IDF military affairs expert Col. (Res) Reuven Ben-Shalom (nickname ‘Rabash’) to discuss the aftermath of Operation Guardian of the Walls (שומר החומות), the cease-fire, and how we move forward from here.

What transpired was a fascinating, nuanced discussion about the nature of modern war in the Middle East, IDF contingencies and battle tactics mixed with a bit or concern about the country’s overall strategy (or lack thereof) to handling Hamas and the Gaza Strip. In addition, we talked about how this round of violence may only be the promo for what’s to come should Hezbollah and Iran choose to join in the future, and we received a scary vision of what a full-scale, multi-front missile war would look like (beware – you might become a prepper after hearing about it…).

Col. (Res.) Reuven Ben-Shalom (Rabash) is a cross-cultural strategist and columnist. He served for 25 years in the Israel Defense Force as a helicopter pilot and in various international relations positions.

As a reservist, Reuven commands the IDF International Cooperation Division’s Operations Center during times of contingency. He also teaches cross-cultural communication at the Israel Defense College and the IDF School of Military Diplomacy.

He holds a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and management and M.Sc. in business administration from Ben Gurion University.

Reuven is an associate at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism.


Cross-Cultural Strategies Ltd., Reuven’s website.

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

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