Join us on Jewanced for a very special BONUS EPISODE of Jewanced – MEET THE EMIRATIS – where Benny and Dan host a panel of truly amazing Emiratis to learn about life in the UAE and their feelings about their country’s new normalization with Israel under the Abraham Accords. This episode of the podcast was produced as a Jewanced LIVE! Event, co-sponsored by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and the Jewish Agency for Israel Partnership2Gether Rehovot-Minneapolis.

Together with our Emirati panelists, we dive into the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE which occurred under last year’s monumental Abraham Accords and explore what we can anticipate for the people of Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, as well as for the broader Middle East.

Topics covered include:

-A day in the life of the average Emirati

-Emirati culture and cuisine

-Household economics and the cost of living in the UAE

-The business environment in the Gulf

-Islam in the UAE and its integration with a dazzlingly modern society

-The significance of the Abraham Accords for the young generation of Emiratis

-Emirati values of tolerance and how it relates to Israeli and Jewish visitors and residents in the UAE

-Emirati excitement to learn about Israel and the Jewish People

-And more!

About our panelists:

Dr. Majid Al Sarrah, DBA

A true Emirati patriot, Majid uses his strong, dynamic activist voice to build bonds between young Gulf Arab and Israeli leaders to strengthen peace, trust, and cooperation between our societies. He believes this is crucial to create a brighter future for our nations and all the peoples of the region. Majid recently participated in the first-ever delegation of young Gulf Arab leaders to Israel where he had a chance to experience the country and meet with Israelis from all walks of life. He is a founding Board Member of Sharaka, a platform connecting young leaders from Israel and the Gulf to turn the vision of people-to-people peace into a reality. He is also a legal adviser specializing in international law and a public policy expert trained at the London School of Economics.

Follow Majid on Twitter @DrAlsarrah and on Instagram @dralsarrah

Sumaya Harib

Sumaya is a Dubai-based electrical engineer. Actively engaged in peace and co-existence dialogue, she participated in the first-ever delegation of young Emirati leaders to Israel in December, 2020 facilitated by Sharaka. Sumaya is passionate about people-to-people connections between Emiratis and Israelis and is learning Hebrew.

Al Anoud Al Hashmi

Al Anoud Al Hashmi is an entrepreneur working in the field of innovation, business, media and events. She is the Founder and CEO of ‘The Futurist Company‘ established after putting together a team of experts in innovation and technology from all around the world to consult, research and execute future facing projects in MENA. Al Anoud is also the Marketing & Events Manager for Dubai Media City. A passionate film enthusiast and filmmaker herself, she has directed short films, several TV shows, advertisements, and campaigns in the region.

Follow Al Anoud on Twitter at @ThinkerAlanoud and on Instagram @thinkeralanoud

Omar Al Busaidy

Omar Al Busaidy is an optimistic opportunist, entrepreneur, author, and futurist.
He is also a very proud Emirati Global Shaper, speaker for the World Economic Forum, member of the US and UAE Public Affairs Committee, and member of The Arab Youth Pioneers Program.

Full Bio

Buy Omar’s book, Just Read It

Follow Omar on Twitter at @omaralbusaidy and on Instagram @omaralbusaidy

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-Provides opportunities for 500 Jewish communities worldwide to participate in cultural, educational, and social exchanges with Israeli communities

-Strengthens the bonds between Israel and Diaspora Jewry through ‘sister city’ pairings

-Offers Diaspora Jews a hands-on vehicle to assist in Israel’s economic and community development

The Minneapolis Jewish community is paired with the city of Rehovot. Located about 12 miles south of Tel Aviv, Rehovot has a population of around 115,000 and is one of the first communities founded in the modern State of Israel.

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