On this episode of Jewanced, Dan and Benny sit down with Dr. Natan Davidovics, Ph.D., Director of R&D at the game-changing Jerusalem-based biotech firm BrainQ and data scientist and dig through the data to better understand the trajectory of Covid-19 in Israel and the United States. Dr. Davidovics breaks it down for us and provides a bit of much-needed positivity about the impact of the vaccine, as well as raises some serious red flags and dire warnings about where things might be headed in the USA. Later in the show, we get our minds absolutely blown as we sink into the confluence of brain science, AI, and the applications of cutting-edge tech in medicine.

Dr. Natan Davidovics is the Director of R&D at BrainQ, a Jerusalem based biotech company developing a wearable device that helps patients recover from stroke and other neurological disorders using a combination of brain monitoring, artificial intelligence, and electromagnetic brain stimulation. Natan grew up in New Jersey and has been active in the medical device field for 15 years. He has worked on several cutting-edge medical devices including the world’s first vestibular prosthesis that is designed to communicate with the brain to help patients recover from extreme dizziness and imbalance disorders. Natan has also been using his data science skills to model COVID-19 spread throughout Israel and has been posting insights and forecasts in concise and easy to understand form.  


  • Visit the BrainQ website
  • Find Dr. Natan Davidovics on Facebook, where he regularly posts charts and graphs of Covid data
  • Natan’s recent post about the British mutation variant of Covid, including charts and graphs

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