Ahead of Yom Kippur, Dan and Benny sit down with the fascinating Dr. Moshe Weinstock for a deep dive into the origins and meaning of the annual Rosh Hashanah pilgrimage to the grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, in the Ukrainian town of Uman!!! This event, in recent years, has attracted tens of thousands of Jews – Chassidic, Haredi, Dati, Mizrahi and secular, and we wanted to learn why. Moshe takes us on a virtual tour of Uman, explores deeper trends at play and dispels common myths (drugs and prostitutes?). 

Moshe literally wrote the book on this (in Hebrew), “The Israeli Journey to the Grave of Rebbe Nachman from Breslov”, having spent years researching the phenomenon and visiting Uman multiple times. 

As it turns out, Moshe is also a teacher of Jewish philosophy and an expert and pedagogical consultant to virtual learning start-ups, something relevant to all of us these days as schools across the world have gone virtual. He previously served as Head of Pedagogical Affairs at Israel’s Ministry of Education until 2018.  


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Video clip of the Achnasat Orchim in Uman

Video clip showing highlights of the pilgrimage in Uman

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