This episode of the podcast, we hosted the always fascinating and original MaNishtana -Rabbi Shais Rishon. We discussed the experience of being an African-American Orthodox Jew, the hidden and complex history of black Jews in America, racial tensions, protests, riots, statues, cancel culture (light stuff), and the intersection of all of this with Judaism – specifically some of the anti-Israel strains within the BLM movement.

It was not an easy conversation (although Shais is always a pleasure to talk to) – but hey, those conversations we grow from usually aren’t the easy ones.

Check out Rabbi Shais Rishon’s webpage at

One comment on “#2 – MaNishtana – Rabbi Shais Rishon – Tribe Herald co-founder on Black Jews, US racial tensions, and anti-Israel strains within BLM

  1. You guys rock – I love it