On this episode of the show, we talk to Anat Sultan-Dadon, Israel’s Consul General to the US Southeast and learn everything we’d want to know about how Israel’s all-star diplomats strengthen Israel by building relationships at the state, local, and national levels across a wide range of diverse interests.

As Israel’s Consul General in Atlanta, Anat Sultan-Dadon promotes bilateral relations between Israel and seven states covered by the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, furthering connections with national and local political, economic, cultural, and academic organizations and leaders to promote a strong, secure, and vibrant future for Israel, the Israeli people, and US-Israel relations. 

Our conversation covered a broad range of topics ranging from how she became a diplomat to promoting Israel’s image through social media, the democratization of information, the battle against Antisemitism, the value of creating diverse partnerships and coalitions of allies throughout the community, the impact Israel’s national politics has on the nation’s diplomatic corps and efforts and much much more!


The official website of the Consulate General of Israel in Atlanta

Israel in Atlanta – the Consulate General’s official Facebook page

Get updates from the Consulate General on its official Twitter page

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