This episode of Jewanced with Chaim Davids was recorded live as a special culinary show at Prohibition Pickle – quite possibly THE BEST deli in Israel – where Chaim is the proprietor and pickle master extraordinaire.

We tuck into how the Baltimore native has gone from running the Judean Hills greatest bootlegging operation since the 2nd Temple period to leading the country’s delicatessen renaissance …and along the way, learn all about (and eat) the best full sour pickles, smoked herring & whitefish, deli mustard, and real-deal corned beef & pastrami available this side of the Atlantic.

Prohibition Pickle, located in the Kenyon Harim shopping center in Gush Etzion (south of Jerusalem) is a true ‘Ashkenazi soul food revival.’ It prides itself in making pickles, cures, and condiments that have been produced utilizing age-old, fresh pickling techniques in order to enhance and unlock ingredient flavor potential. The delicatessen is Kosher Mehadrin, under the hashgacha of the Gush Etzion Rabbinate.

***Note that the video version of the podcast features an extended version of the show including an exclusive, behind-the-scenes culinary tour of Prohibition Pickle where we delve into the delicious details of all your deli favorites. We hope you’ll check it out when it becomes available (soon, we promise) on our Youtube channel, Jewanced Podcast.***


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