On this episode of Jewanced, Dan & Benny sit down with Rabbi Alon Meltzer, an amazing Jewish community builder and leader from Sydney and learn all about the Jews of Australia and New Zealand, discuss some of the unique challenges and features of life that come with being part of the world’s ‘furthest-most’ Jewish community, and wrap up with a fascinating conversation on the origins of Purim.

Alon Meltzer is a community builder. Growing up in Auckland, New Zealand he was involved in most aspects of community. Now living in Sydney, Australia he is the Rabbi of Or Chadash Synagogue, Director of Programs at Shalom, a cultural education organization, a doctoral student and most importantly dad to three daughters. An expert in medieval Jewish history, he is a graduate of both the University of Auckland and Yeshiva University. Rabbi Meltzer is dynamic, outgoing and driven to create a relevant, engaged and educated global Jewish community.


  • Rabbi Alon Meltzer’s website
  • Or Chadash synagogue’s website
  • The website of Shalom, one of Australia’s leading Jewish cultural education platforms
  • Blog posts by Rabbi Meltzer on 929, one of Israel’s leading online portal for Jewish religious commentary
  • A selection of Rabbi Meltzer’s blogs at the Times of Israel
  • Follow Rabbi Meltzer on Facebook
  • A virtual tour of the history of the Australian Jewish community

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