Together with Dr. David Manheim, Jewanced takes a deep-dive into Israel’s and the world’s response to Covid-19, as well as embarks on a truly mind-blowing journey into the heart of understanding large-scale catastrophic risks to humanity. 

We discussed how the pandemic might end and what governments are doing right and wrong. David also introduced us to the incredible idea of effective altruism, as well as how to more effectively conclude arguments. 

Dr. David Manheim is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Haifa’s Health and Risk Communication Research Center, as well working with universities and NGOs in the UK and US. His recent work has focused on modeling test and trace programs for the UK, and policy options for COVID-19 in the US and internationally.

Long before the pandemic, David was working on understanding and mitigating global catastrophic biological risks including work on bioweapons, natural pandemics, and other disasters with groups at the University of Oxford such as the Future of Humanity Institute and for various nonprofits and NGOs in the United States.

He has a Ph.D. in public policy and decision theory at the RAND Corporation and has done work that ranged from informing policy decision making for infectious diseases to modeling risks from earthquakes, hurricanes, and terrorism, and from flood insurance and resiliency building in the wake of catastrophes, to how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies affect counter-terrorism finance.


Be sure to check out the books :

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Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity

by Tony Ord

Automation and Utopia

Human Flourishing in a World Without Work

by John Danaher

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