Confused about everything happening in the region? So were we!

That’s why we decided to sit with one of the top Middle East intelligence and policy analysts around – Col (res.) Udi Evental – for a deep-dive into… well… everything.

We talked about the major forces shaping the region, Iran, US foreign policy, Lebanon, Russia, the Palestinians and of course, the UAE-Israel agreement.

While serving in uniform for 25 years, Colonel Evental served as head of the Strategic Planning Unit of the Political-Military and Policy Bureau of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Assistant to the Military Secretary of the Prime Minister (PM Office), Intelligence Attaché in Washington, D. C. and elsewhere. He has held various positions with the intelligence and planning directorates of the IDF and has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence analysis, strategy and policy planning, and military diplomacy. He is the author of “Spotlight: Israel & The Middle East” an IPS weekly brief on strategic issues facing Israel and the region and will soon be teaching a course on policy planning at the Interdisciplinary Center-Herzliya’s (IDC) Arison School of Government.


·        Links to Udi’s publications at the IDC’s Institute for Policy & Strategy

·        Link to the IDC’s Institute for Policy & Strategy (IPS)

·        Link to the official page of the IDC’s Institute for Policy & Strategy’s upcoming international online conference on ‘Israel in an Era of Crises – Where do we go from here?

Follow Col. (Res.) Evental on Twitter at @UEvental

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